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Product name:
Moldova 2012 - Painting. M/S
Issue date:
Designer: Oleg Cojocaru
Paper: chalky
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb 13
Size of a stamp: 34 x 34 mm.
Size of the Miniature Sheet: 170 x 102 mm.
Miniature Sheet composition: 8 (4 x 2) stamps
Printing run: Klb.783, Klb.784 - 18.750; Klb.785, Klb.786 - 6.250
Michel catalogue numbers: Klb.783-Klb.786

85 B. multicoloured. "Boy of Pokrovka" by Igor Vieru, 1952.
1,20 L. multicoloured. "Orphan" by Pavel Piscariov, 1908.
2,85 L. multicoloured. "Portrait of a child" by Lidia Arionescu Baillayre, 1903.
4,50 L. multicoloured. "Boy with hat" by Constantin Kitaika.
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